Youth on the Move workshop hosted by La Peña Cultural Center

Youth on the Move

La Pena Cultural Center host the first Youth On The Move workshop

Thank you La Pena Cultural Center for hosting the first Youth On The Move workshop on Saturday, June 14th!

The June 14th Youth On The Move workshop was the first in a series of three planned summer enrichment events for the homeless children and youth living at Ursula Sherman Village. While housed kids spend the summer in camps, classes, and other activities, BOSS designed the Youth On The Move series to offer homeless children a similar chance for summer learning and fun.

This first event was held at the La Pena Cultural Center We had 8 kids ages 4-10 from the Village come over for snacks and infotainment. Everyone had fun participating in The Marshmallow Challenge, where groups had to create a freestanding structure made from spaghetti and have a marshmallow on top. These clever kids had to battle for tallest structure against each other (girls versus boys) AND against The Grown-Ups, a team that included BOSS Executive Director Donald Frazier and Family Program Supervisor Norma Ward! The Grown-ups didn’t pull their punches, but, of course, the kids won!

The group then had fun talking about fruits and vegetables, with loads of awesome fresh produce on hand to talk about, Granny Smith and Fuji Apples, a Navel Orange, a Ruby Grapefruit, and even Red and Gold Beets! Our talk was followed with a poster-making contest with a theme of healthy eating. The kids were able to vote for their favorite one, and our little 4-year old WON and received a $25 Visa gift Card!

All-in-all, it was fun, energetic, and educational. More Youth On The Move Events are scheduled for July 19th and August 16th, 1pm-4pm at the Village. Staff is still working out the programs for these events, but we promise art projects and events that will inspire and entertain. If you’d like to donate or get involved with these events, contact Sonja at, 510-649-1930 x 222.