Youth On The Move Aug 16

2014 Summer Camp Event Series for Homeless Children in BOSS

It’s back-to-school time, which means that the homeless children in BOSS shelters and transitional houses are going to bed early, getting up early, rushing around getting ready for and going to school every morning. It also means that our Youth On The Move Summer Camp Events have drawn to a close! The last event was Saturday, August 16th at Ursula Sherman Village.

IMG_0916At the July Event, the kids were each given one-time-use cameras to “capture” Scavenger Hunt ideas like “Yum,” “Happy,” “Your Favorite Thing,” and “Feet! Yours and Someone Else’s Together.” Prior to the August event, we collected the cameras and had them developed. At the August event we gave the pictures back to the kids, and they made photobooks with them! They were so engaged in this activity that they all spent nearly 2 hours constructing the books, putting the pictures in them, and decorating them. They turned out so great and we full of love, happiness, and good memories for our kids.

Our new friend from the July Youth On The Move event, expert martial arts instructor and generous volunteer Alonzo Young, came by to work with kids again practicing Martial Arts! They spent an hour drilling and focusing, meditating and working as a group. It was a hot day, and by the end, the kids looked happy and tired.

At the beginning of the event series, we promised backpacks filled with school supplies to any children who attended all three events. This was a great success as we gave SIX kids new backpacks, including two families that had more than one child each earn a new backpack!

The Youth On The Move Summer Camp event series was a huge success, thanks to the generous and collaborative spirit of so many people – volunteers, donors, and BOSS staff who already do the work of two or three people each day. Each and every helper stepped up, without complaint or hesitation, to ensure that our kids had a great summer experience. Thank you Teacher Nancy and Teacher Lisa for giving up your Saturdays. Thank you to all of the kitchen staff for going the extra mile to create lunch and snack platters for the kids. Thank you to the frontline staff for talking about the events and working to generate engagement from the families. Thank you to Alonzo Young who volunteered his time to work with our kids on martial arts, self defense, and self-control. And a special thank you to our amazing summer intern Jeannie Swafford, for spearheading the whole endeavor with high energy, detail-mindedness, and love. You are all Turning Lives Around!