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Whole Foods Helps in Turning Lives Around

Whole Foods, Helps Communities
Whole Foods, Helps Communities


The Whole Foods on Gilman Street in Berkeley is doing it again. Between April 1-10, every donated bag credit from customers is donated to BOSS! The program is their Nickels For Nonprofits initiative, and every time a customer brings in their own bag, they earn a 5¢ bag credit. They are given the option to deduct that credit from their grocery bill, or donate it to the charity currently being featured.

Whole Foods Markets have an identity that is very closely tied to each and every community in which they operate. Each store works with the local community to represent, educate, and advocate for local issues.

The Whole Foods on Gilman is less than a mile from The Ursula Sherman Village, and ever since they opened, they have been so very supportive of BOSS. Last year when they chose BOSS as the recipient of the Nickels For Nonprofits donations, they collected nearly $800! And that’s when they were newly open! The collection may be even greater this time! Last autumn Whole Foods donated 40 small, and 35 large pumpkins to BOSS so that we could decorate them for Halloween! At the 2nd Annual Pizzafest last October, Whole Foods supported BOSS by helping to get the word out!

Whole Foods is truly a community partner. We are so thankful for them.


WHAT: Nickels for Nonprofits – Donations by customers of bag credits are collected and donated to BOSS

WHEN: The Entire Month of February! And again April 1st-April 10th

WHERE: Whole Foods Market, 1025 Gilman Street, Berkeley