Warm Wishes from Across the Community!

Warm Wishes backpacks
DeShannon picks up backpacks for children in BOSS shelters

Warm Wishes is a non-profit organization working out of San Rafael California. Every year they pool resources from their community of volunteers and donors to make 5,000 Street Packs – a sturdy backpack filled with rainy and cold weather items such as gloves, thick socks, a scarf, hat and poncho. These items help people living on the streets survive the cold winter months. The very best part of the pack? A handmade card of well-wishing created by students from local grade schools.

2015 is Warm Wishes 22nd year of providing these essential gifts to the most at-risk members of our community.

On Saturday, December 5th, several BOSS staff members drove all the way up to Marin County to pick up 240 backpacks. 200 were for adults living in BOSS shelters, the other 40 were for their children. “For many years Warm Wishes has always given us the same number of backpacks (200 adult, 25 child) but last year we found that the 25 child backpacks were not enough. Thankfully, Warm Wishes was able to meet the needs of our community,” says Gwen Austin, the Development Associate for BOSS. Gwen is also the staff person who arranged the donation from Warm Wishes as well as the pick-up and drop-off of the backpacks to the various BOSS programs.

Every year, Warm Wishes reaches out to BOSS and asks what our need is. And every year, Warm Wishes fulfills it. It takes months of planning, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and well over 1,000 volunteers to make it all happen, but it does. Every year.

Assisting the most at-risk members of our community cannot be handled by one agency: the need is too great. It is an effort and a drive for multiple agencies, with multiple foci who bring it all together. BOSS is so appreciative of all the hard work of Warm Wishes and all the individuals who helped to make this year’s donation drive a success.

BOSS sends you all Warm Wishes.