Update on California Homelessness Legislation

These are two of the bills, that directly address issues faced by individuals without stable housing, that have been authored by California State Senator Liu during the 2015-16 Legislative Session:
SB 876:
The Right to Rest bill (with author’s amendments) Failed in Senate Transportation and Housing Committee, 2 Ayes / 7 Noes on March 29, 2016.
SB 928:
Introduced on February 1st, 2016, The Homeless Voter Registration Act (amendment to Section 2138 of the Elections Code) to authorize an applicant who is homeless to list the shelter, public space, cross street or post office where he or she is living as his or her address on a drivers’ license or I.D. card.
This bill will help to remove many barriers that may impede a citizen from exercising his or her right to vote in our democracy. This bill is an active bill in Committee and is currently in the Senate Transportation and Housing. A majority vote is required for approval and to move it to the next step. If it passes from this committee, it is likely that it will be referred to the Elections and Constitutional Amendments Committee.
Stay tuned! We will update further when there is more news on this important legislation.