UC Students Assemble & Donate Care Packages to the Homeless

Earlier this year BOSS was approached by a volunteer from UC Berkeley, Maria Milekhina, about a service project to help homeless people that was being organized by residents of UC Berkeley Residence Halls Unit 3. The students planned to have a service day and put together care packets (toiletries/personal care items) in baggies for homeless individuals, then donate them to BOSS.

Maria connected with Gwen Austin, BOSS Community Builder & Development Associate, to make the arrangements. After the event, Gwen went and picked up the completed packets (over 400!), and brought them to the BOSS Multi-Agency Service Center (MASC), where they are being given the homeless men and women who come there to use the shower, do laundry, or find safe refuge off the streets.

Said Maria, “We wanted to do something for the local homeless population, but we were unsure how to approach this large scale crisis. We decided that creating care packages would be beneficial and educational for our residents…During the event, students stopped and asked if they can help, with handfuls of students staying for the entire event, and others assembling one or two packages on their way to class.

Overall, the event showed that Berkeley students are willing to help their community, with students writing personal notes of positivity and support for each package. We hope this event worked to show our residents that all persons, no matter their current position in life, are deserving of basic respect and dignity, and that we can all do our part to recognize the humanity of others.”

BOSS is so grateful to all of the Unit 3 residents who organized and helped out during the day of service – we are in awe of your compassion, spirit, and the time and effort you put into your project. We are proud to have you as future leaders of the community, and wish you continued success in your studies, career paths, and life!