Two Young People, Changing the World

This story is about two young students who are social change agents creating and inspiring others in their school and community and committed to making a difference. Frances and Xiomara, two young middle school students (starting high school this Fall) from The Berkeley School in Berkeley, California (a private K-8 school), recently made care packages for BOSS participants. They chose BOSS because of the huge homeless problem they see on the streets of Berkeley and wanted to know how they could help.

Our initial contact with Frances and Xiomara was via a telephone call when they were in the 7th grade and they wanted to schedule a meeting to talk about their WE Day project, Give A Little, also known as GAL. WE Day is an international social change movement driven by young people, empowering a generation of change-makers. This ocean of people coming together to create impact holds events all across the United States, Canada, the UK and the Caribbean.

The young change-makers wanted to learn more about BOSS and discuss some of ideas they had to help. BOSS Community Builder and Development Associate Gwen Austin met a few times with them over the next year-and-a-half, they would ask a lot of questions and she provided a lot of answers about the people BOSS serves, social justice, and the organization. The project they decided on was to provide care packages for our clients.

After much discussion, diligence, and dedication, over the preceding months, Frances and Xiomara had finally pulled together the resources and items necessary. On Friday, August 11th, 2017 they delivered three bins of care packages that BOSS distributed the following week to clients. BOSS wants to thank Frances and Xiomara deeply for their care, thoughtfulness, leadership, willingness to think about, and ask tough questions about others who can all too often be forgotten. They are truly social change agents.

Below is their story, written by Frances and Xiomara.

Care Packages

Hello, our names are Xiomara and Frances. We attended The Berkeley School but now we are moving on to high school. Xiomara will be going to Bentley High School and Frances will be attending Saint Mary’s High School. At The Berkeley School we joined a club called WE DAY. Kids from all around the world create projects to better the earth and help causes they are passionate about. Our project is called Give A Little. We raise awareness on people currently living in homelessness through social media. Also, we recently had a toiletries drive at our school and put together care packages to donate to BOSS. When we are not making change we are very active. Xiomara is a gymnast at CAL Bears Gymnastics. I am a ballet dancer at Berkeley Ballet Theater. We love helping out our community knowing our actions are benefiting other people. It has been such an amazing experience meeting Gwen and learning about BOSS. She has taught us so much and changed our perspective on life. BOSS is an incredible organization that is changing people’s lives everyday and we are lucky to have contributed to that. Thank you BOSS and especially Gwen Austin!

If would like to donate items to BOSS, please reach out to Gwen Austin at either or 510.649.1930, X 1001.