On July 15th, the BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) hosted the national campaign #TimeDone and state advocacy group California for Safety and Justice (CSJ) during CTEC’s weekly scheduled social justice initiative workshop. #TimeDone provided an in-depth discussion on the importance of advocating for the elimination of barriers faced by formerly incarcerated men and women transitioning back into society. This was coupled by a group discussion facilitated by Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice, elaborating the imperative need for our communities to recognize when we are impacted by trauma and how it lives in our bodies as well as in our minds.

It is no secret that these impacts hit men and women of color and their families more substantially than others, deepening the inequities and societal divides that have pushed many into the criminal justice system in the first place. BOSS CTEC supports the #TimeDone campaign and CSJ in the removal of barriers faced by friends, family and the population we serve.

Every Monday at 1:00 pm, BOSS CTEC analyzes the impacts of these collateral consequences during our Social Justice Initiative workshop, lead by Director of Reentry Services, Tim Smith.

CTEC also advocates for immediate access to low-income supportive housing, living wage jobs, educational opportunities and fair public assistance policies provided that our formerly incarcerated brothers and sisters may re-enter society in a sustainable, compassionate manner.

#TimeDone is a campaign to raise awareness about the legal barriers that 70 million Americans and eight million Californians living with a past conviction or record continue to face long after completing the obligations of their conviction. Restrictions on employment, housing, education and other opportunities that are key to economic security destabilize families and communities. SIGN THE PLEDGE HERE: www.timedone.org!