The Binary America

According to many analysts, the new federal budget could create more homelessness

This news comes on the heels of the fact that wages for women, individuals of color, and especially the people who live at the intersection of both, are still falling far short of white, able-bodied men (here is a nifty infographic for you). The poor are more impoverished and at risk than ever. Housing prices are continuing the skyrocket and far outpace wage-growth. And millions of people could loose medical coverage and premium payment assistance next year. It should come as no shock then that homeless encampments are on the rise.

BOSS is asking that this winter we remember the thousands of individuals in our communities who are housing and/or food insecure. We ask that we remember the people in our communities who are living in shelters. We ask that we remember the people in our communities who are at-risk and living rough in tent cities and unsanctioned homeless encampments.

We have got to, as a country, find alternative ways to address the needs of those who are unhoused (temporarily and otherwise) in much more humane, civil, productive, and meaningful ways. It is imperative for the future of this country. We are a country of binary lives when we have so much wealth and so much poverty simultaneously. Our physical infrastructure of waterways, highways, and byways are failing and crumbling and in need of immediate repair, while simultaneously our social safety net and social structures are also rotting and failing. We cannot hate the poor for being poor. We cannot blame the mentally ill for their illness. We need to better. #WeCanDoBetter.