Community Picnic in West Oakland!

Thank you to everyone who made the recent Community Building/Stop the Violence picnic & family day in West Oakland on Memorial Day, May 30th, 2016 a huge success.

Community members Chris Jackson, Henok Gidey and friends originally approached the BOSS West Oakland Outreach Team (Reclaiming Our Communities) asking for help to organize the special community picnic and family day. BOSS is newly engaged in Oakland Unite-funded outreach in this community, and we were very excited to be part of this great event.

Said Chris, “I wanted to bring the community together in a positive light. It’s a lot of gun violence that goes on in my neighborhood. The only my neighborhood come together is when there is a candle light or funeral. I wanted to change that. I wanted this BBQ to be the ice breaker towards something positive. I wanted to motivate the youth and get these kids on a path to start thinking about careers.”
Chris and his friends organized and personally sponsored a wide variety of recreation for families and kids – from a jumper to ball games to a BBQ lunch to even a mechanical bull! About 70 people came out to enjoy the festivities, and meet their neighbors, including people who lived in the area and wanted to stop by just to see what was going on!
The afternoon was full of fun and good vibes, with people getting together for a positive purpose. Chris says he received lots of calls and texts afterwards thanking him for the event. BOSS was proud to be part of it, and look forward to working with the community on more positive activities in the future!!!
Pictures from the event can be found on the BOSS Flickr and Facebook pages.
For more information on the Reclaiming Our Communities initiative, contact Timmy Smith at 510.899.4650 x 601 or
Memorial Day picnic flyer