State Policy Updates: Stay Informed!

The State of California is deliberating several bills that affect homelessness, housing, health care, and poverty. Below is a status update on just a few of them.

BOSS participants and staff who take part in grassroots advocacy and organizing as part of the Community Organizing Team (COT) have been staying up to date on these bills, and have participated in ‘lobby days’ with other housing & human services advocates who visit Sacramento legislators to share their views.

Contact your elected officials to let them know how you feel on these bills, and protect the rights of homeless and poor individuals and children!

AB 1335: Building Homes and Jobs Act: This bill places a $75 fee on all “recording of every real estate instrument, paper, or notice required or permitted by law to be recorded, per each single transaction per single parcel of real property, not to exceed $225”, creating and funding the Act.
– May 14th: Amended in Assembly
– May 28th: PASSED in Assembly!!

AB 702: CalWORKs: temporary shelter assistance: This bill changes the way CalWORKS temporary shelter assistance is regulated and provided.
– April 22: Referred to Assembly Appropriations Committee
– May 27th: PASSED in Appropriations Committee!!

SB 636: Homeless Youth Basic Material Needs Assistance Program. This program would require each county to provide services to homeless youths.
– May 11th: Hearing. Outcome: Placed on Appropriations suspense file
– May 28th: Held in committee – under submission

AB 396: Rental housing discrimination: applications: criminal records: This bill would make it illegal for property owners to ask prospective renters about their criminal record – a major barrier to obtaining housing for many formerly incarcerated individuals – unless the individual is required by law to disclose their status.
– May 22nd: Amended in Assembly
– May 26th: Referred to Appropriations Committee

AB 870: Homelessness: rapid rehousing: This bill would establish pilot programs in selected counties to operate rapid rehousing programs.
– May 20th: Referred to Appropriations Committee

SB 608: Right to Rest Act: This Act would protect individuals from discrimination in their right to use public spaces based solely upon their housing status.
– Hearing on April 8th. Next Hearing to be set. No new information at this time.

AB 982: Child care and development: eligibility: homeless children: This bill would also include homeless families as part of the intended priority for child development programs, and expand the list of entities that can identify a child in need to include a local educational agency liaison for homeless children and youths, a Head Start program, or a transitional shelter. It would expand the list of children to be identified to include a homeless child.
– May 14th: Referred to Senate Rules Committee. No new information at this time.

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