Setting The Stage for Success

At the end of April, we had two CTEC participants complete specialized training and achieve employment in an exciting industry!

For several years BOSS has supported the model of Employment First for many of the individuals we work with — this approach was an integral part of our Career Training & Employment Center (CTEC) program, which provides guidance to individuals exiting incarceration or homelessness who are looking for employment. We collaborate with industries to train people for more than a job, but for a career! True, life-altering employment coupled with a livable wage and a passion that can lift an individual, and their family, and, eventually, an entire community, out of poverty. Once an individual acquires a skill, nothing can take that away. The ownership of achievement is key to the success of our CTEC graduates.

We are so excited to include a new organization into our family of life-changing career-makers: Rhino Staging. Rhino is an event staging company that sets up for all kinds of large-scale events such as concerts and festivals. The people who train at and work with Rhino have knowledge in sound, electrical, lighting, construction, scaffolding, and many more skill sets. This plethora of options appeals to so many people, and also gives them a very large and diverse tool box of skills that they can take just about anywhere!

BOSS now has two people who have completed stage hand training, and were hired on at Rhino Staging! Rhino has offices all across the country and is known for its progressive hiring practices.

We are so excited for these two BOSS family members! They can go anywhere, see anything, meet anyone!

If you want the guidance of our CTEC program, or if you’re an employer and are interested in partnering with BOSS, just let us know!