Planning For The Future

BOSS Strategic Planning Process

One of the signs of a healthy organization is regular check-ins and updates. This is especially true in a nonprofit setting. The landscape in which BOSS maneuvers is an ever-changing variety of wins and losses, windfalls and pitfalls. To navigate these uncertain environs we must reconvene, prod, investigate, and plan – to make sure BOSS is able to serve people in need for as long as we are needed.

On Saturday, September 13th 2014, the BOSS Board of Directors and executive staff held an all-day retreat to begin the process of creating a new three-year strategic plan. BOSS hired Susan Colson, an organizational development consultant with 30 years of nonprofit experience, to help us do just that. Prior to the retreat, Susan spoke with and surveyed senior staff to generate ideas and get feedback on what issues were vital to our community, and what issues were looming on the horizon.

At the retreat, there were discussions around the current status of BOSS, including our programs, operations, finances, and fundraising efforts, as well as future goals. There were discussions about what is coming, what we can expect in terms of public policy, current and future funding prospects, and emerging needs – foster and transition age youth, seniors, veterans, ex-offenders, and others. We reviewed and discussed our mission statement.

What’s next? Susan is digesting all the discussion and issues raised at the retreat, and will provide us with a report. We are putting together a strategic planning group who will collaboratively take the next steps, e.g. further discussion, research, and refinement of goals. We will then put those goals in writing, as a three-year plan: our future.

This is an exciting time for BOSS. Financially we are healthier than we have been in a long while. Social attitudes and policies are changing. Communities are coming together, and conversations are happening. Cities across America are re-opening the conversation about solutions to emergency and chronic homelessness. BOSS is poised to do our part to help create good in the lives of our participants and communities. We are truly Turning Lives Around.

We want to say a special thanks to our philanthropic partner, Hotel Shattuck Plaza! They gave us a beautiful space to meet for the retreat, as well as provided a delicious luncheon. They are a caring part of the local community, and want to use their resources to make a positive impact. Please stay tuned as we craft our plan!

(Pictured above, the BOSS Benefits & Entitlements Specialist Team! Street outreach to connect people to income benefits and needed services)