Pizzafest 2016!

14691335_1144107235655085_8301037105880515480_oBERKELEY, CA – It was an overcast Saturday morning in North Berkeley and people were lining up on the sidewalk dreaming about gourmet pizza and local craft beer. All the Pre-sale tickets were sold out in the weeks before the event, and people were being turned away at the door. The sky was heavy with the threat of rain and it had, in fact, been raining off and on all week. But none of that could put a damper on the occasion — there were still nearly 1,000 people who came out to the 3rd Annual Pizzafest on October 15th!

14711268_1144107122321763_1995723604296658611_oPizzafest has fast become one of the most anticipated events BOSS participates in, even though it is only in its third year. The organizers are a local company called The Companion Group. They specialize in grilling equipment and high-end kitchen gadgets and tools like the Pizzacraft line which includes the amazing Pizzeria Pronto Pizza Oven. The Companion Group utilizes their own parking lot on Gilman Street (across from Whole Foods and Phil’z Coffee) for the event, that is focused on a pizza cook-off of private and professional groups.

Ticket holders get all the free pizza samples they can manage — and there are some seriously strange and fantastic pizzas. This year’s offerings included more conventional fair like chicken and basil, and roasted vegetables, but also more avant garde offerings like chicken tikka masala and cheese-less roasted veggie on squid ink dough. So many great pizzas! Along with a total of six beers from three local breweries, Lagunitas, Fieldwork, and the brand new Gilman Brewing Company. To go with all this beer? Brand new beautiful Pizzafest 2016 pint glasses! If you missed out on these, you can now buy them online!

14711153_1144107088988433_8528585525259827458_oThe winning group from the pizza competition were the UC Berkeley student group Golden Bear Pizza, but the real winner was BOSS. In the first year of Pizzafest, nearly $8,000 was raised. In the second year, they raised over $8,500.

This year they raised nearly $14,000; an increase of more than Five Thousand Dollars!!!

BOSS so greatly appreciates The Companion Group and all the work their employees put into making the event fun and successful – it is a huge, labor-intensive undertaking that is planned for months. Thank you also to all the groups who participated and gave their all in the competition. Thank you, especially, to all the people who came out to share pizza and well wishes for BOSS’s work!

Want to see some amazing shots from the event? Check out the Pizzacraft Facebook page!