BOSS offers many program classes for participants in the various programs. In many programs participants to an inside program and are expected to attend many classes. Classes cover a wide range of topics areas such as Income, Recovery, Housing, and much more.

BOSS has Housing and Employment, Workshops at 4 programs. Please click here for more information.

Many of BOSS’s classes utilize the Phillip Roy Curriculum. The Phillip Roy Curriculum has many lessons and materials in the Life Skills, Employment, Financial Management, and GED areas. To see a list of topics, click here.

To view and use the curriculum please visit You will need a username and a password. Please click here for a list of shared usernames and passwords. If you try one and it does not work, try a different one.

Below are Links to Classes and Workshops that run at the various BOSS Programs.

  • Anger Management (Assertive Communication)
  • Children’s Learning Center
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Community Building
  • Financial Independence
  • Health Education
  • Housing for Everyone
  • Life Skills
  • Parenting
  • Readiness for Employment
  • Social Justice