Meekland – An Evolving Youth Community

by Edward Buchanan, LMFT, Therapist and BOSS Staff

Meekland is a permanent supportive housing community in Hayward that serves a small community of transition age youth who have overcome – and are still working to overcome – hardships such as homelessness, trauma, and other barriers like fractured family relationships or mental health conditions. Many residents have been exposed to community or domestic violence or other forms of abuse. Meekland provides a save and supportive haven as they work to turn their lives around! The program is funded by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services Agency, with service delivery and property management by BOSS.

Since living at Meekland, several residents have taken advantage of opportunities provided to them on-site. Since last year, the program has seen an increase in residents attending school and working, and a decrease in violence. Six of the fifteen current residents are either in school or working.

Community is also being built at Meekland, as many residents participate in weekly community meetings and groups. There has been an increase of residents who use conflict resolution and mediation services provided by staff when they are faced with interpersonal conflicts with others in the Meekland community – learning to deal with those conflicts in a constructive and peaceful way!

Meekland is a work in progress, but it is making strides towards the goal of being a community in which all participants reach their goals and develop self-sufficiency. We want all Meekland young people to be sound in mind, body and spirit and are successfully able to transition to independent living!

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