MASC Wellness Wednesdays

MASC computer labThe Multi Agency Service Center (MASC) in downtown Berkeley provides information and referrals, crisis intervention, benefits advocacy, Representative Payee service, respite and amenities, a small computer lab, and other support to homeless individuals. The busy drop-in center is open seven days a week, and serves up to 100 people a day.

The people who receive services in the MASC are extremely diverse – veterans, seniors, people with chronic mental illness and co-occurring disorders, unemployed people, people overcoming substance abuse, people coming out of jail and looking for jobs and housing, and others. The MASC tries to assist people and improve their quality of life no matter what stage of crisis or recovery they are in – this includes people who are actively trying to improve their lives, as well as people living on the streets who, due to trauma or mental illness, are not yet ready to engage in long-term services. The MASC is one of the few safe places they can go during the day, including the ability to take a shower and get information about local meal programs, health clinics, legal aid, and more.

The MASC is trying to create new Wellness Wednesdays, offering special additional services, breakfast, and the support of peers. We are looking for people who may be willing to provide special health and skill-building services, such as acupuncture, wellness-focused nutrition, stress and anger management, therapeutic writing or arts, and more.

If you would like to be part of Wellness Wednesdays, please contact MASC Program Manager Robert Barrer at (510) 649-1930 or

Thank you!