Local Kindergarteners Helping The Homeless!

Recently, a teacher from Monticello Academy school in Santa Clara donated a large quantity of much-needed toiletries last month – pajamas, towels, toothpaste/toothbrushes, socks, lotion, deodorant, and other items, along with a collection of wonderful little notes written by students to BOSS, about why BOSS was selected as the recipient of their community service this year.  Here is what the teacher shared with us…

L-R: Sarireh Nadimi (Monticello Academy) and Gwen Austin (BOSS)

“Thank you for giving Monticello Academy the opportunity to be a part of BOSS this year. Monticello Academy is a private school located in Santa Clara, CA and our mission is to develop the whole child, not only academically, but also teach them to become an active member of their community. Each year, each grade level chooses an organization to be involved in as their community service, as a result it allows the students to become virtuous, involved and responsible citizens and they learn that they can have impact on those around them.

This year, the Kindergarten classes chose BOSS as our community service . I chose this organization because I strongly believe in its cause and since I grew up in the East bay I wanted to go back to my roots and give back to my community. Both Kindergarten classes organized a collection drive to collect items such as towels and toiletries, socks, office supplies, gift card, books, etc. to help. Each student also write a personal note to remind those in need that they are thinking of them!

The wonderful students of Monticello Academy!

It was truly a wonderful experience to be able to be a part of BOSS this year and I hope we can continue to support its cause any way we can. Change begins with each of us being involved.


Sarireh Nadimi”

Thank you, Ms. Nadimi, and to all the amazing, holiday-spirited, loving Kindergarten students at Monticello Academy, for this donation! It touched all of our hearts, and is one we will always remember. These donations will make a huge difference and help people who are struggling – the notes you wrote perhaps most of all, as a sign that someone cares and is thinking of them at this very hard time in their lives. THANK YOU!


To organize a collection or donate items to BOSS programs or for people without homes, contact Gwen at gaustin@self-sufficiency.org or 510.649.1930 x 1001. Or make a donation online right now. Happy holidays!