Legislative UPDATES!

BOSS is watching a series of important bills that affect the individuals and families we serve. Please read through and let your elected officials know if you support them!

The Veterans and Affordable Housing Act (SB 3) will go before the voters in November 2018 ($4 Billion). It is a housing bond for California Veterans, struggling families and people with disabilities. The bond will provide dedicated funding for military housing, housing for struggling families, people experiencing homelessness, and those with disabilities, and low income working people, so they can live in the communities where they work.

The Homeless Youth Act (SB 918) creates an office of Homeless Youth (12 – 24) in a coordinating role [Marijuana tax]. Grants to nonprofits and CoCs to serve homeless youth.  SB 918 will invest in low-barrier and diverse housing opportunities so each county can have an array of options for youth to escape homelessness. Update: Set for hearing, April 10th.

The Supportive Housing Streamlining bill (AB 2162) would expedite review process instead of a year or more to within 60 days. AB 2162 would be able to apply objective standards to reviewing an application to build supportive housing, streamlining supportive housing would allow non-profits developers to building supportive housing without the prolonged approval process typically required in these projects. It would also encourage developers to create more housing for people experiencing homelessness. Update: Set for hearing date April 18th.

Reentry bill (SB 1010) is a pilot program CDCR for homeless parolees aimed at reducing recidivism among homeless mentally-ill parolees; mental health, rental assistance and housing services after parole. Update – currently re-referred to Appropriations Committee.

Increasing Access to Employment Act (SB 1298). This bill was introduced 2/16/18 by Senator Skinner, sponsored by Californians for Safety and Justice. It would increase opportunities for individuals to obtain an occupational license and public employment, enhance a person’s ability to get a license by eliminating the DOJ’s ability to disseminate information about old and dismissed convictions to employers and agencies; streamline the process individuals to access, verify, and correct their own inaccurate records; and create a fund for rehabilitation and reentry services. Currently in Public Safety Committee.

Homelessness Programs and Affordable Housing (SB 912). Authors: Skinner and Beall. Introduced 1/18/18. The bill will address the state’s affordable housing and homelessness crisis by making a one-time general fund allocation of $2 billion to immediately house and help thousands of Californians experiencing homelessness, as well as hardworking low-income families most at risk of homelessness.  Currently in Transportation & Housing Committee.