La Pena Children’s Art Show

Young BOSS artists showcased in local art show

La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, a local nonprofit and community member, kindly approached BOSS earlier this summer, asking if BOSS kids wanted to be included in an art show for the month of August, which would feature artwork from a variety of Berkeley youth. Our kids definitely wanted to participate in the show!

IMG_0874Lisa Lowey Teacher of the CLC, chose selected works made by our kids last year, during a project conducted by the generous artisans at Studio Ephemera in Berkeley. Some of them were made using mono printing, a type of one-time-only stamping technique, others were made by etching or drawing onto a wet paint surface, and one had ink-blowing and negative space. All in all we had twelve pieces hung on display in the La Pena Cultural Center Theatre – a space reserved for special arts, dances, performances, and presentations.

On August 9th, La Pena held an Opening for the show, which had art pieces from BOSS kids as well as pieces by other Berkeley youths working with local artist Anna Ludwig. Several families came out to see the installation including Anna and her Husband Sam “Sumido” Batchelder. Sam is a local Instructor in the ways of Capoeira. Anna and Sam like to support local, disadvantaged kids through art, music, and movement and hopefully they will be making appearances around The Village very soon!

Each art piece from a BOSS kid included the following description:

This exceptional work is the expression of a homeless child residing at the Building Opportunities for Self Sufficiency temporary and/or long-term shelter for families. This is the expression of the child’s life, experiences, and dreams.

We know that art, voice, and visibility are ways to improve the lives of our kids and marginalized groups in general. La Pena gave us an amazing opportunity, and helped to give our kids a voice, and visibility through art.