Inside BOSS

BOSS programs operate with well established infrastructure and management systems that ensure health, safety, transparency, and efficiency.

Quality Assurance

BOSS monitors program quality and achievement of contract deliverables through a structured Quality Assurance process led by the BOSS Deputy Director of Housing, Operations, and Quality Assurance. The Deputy Director convenes twice monthly meetings of all Program Coordinators, where they review program data and reports as well as population or sector trends, assess progress meeting deliverables, solve problems, and address program or staff needs.

For more information on BOSS QA policies and practices, contact Melvin Cowan, Deputy Director of Housing, Operations, and Quality Assurance,, 510-649-1930 x 1011.

Property Management

BOSS manages a portfolio of short and long-term housing properties serving homeless, reentry, and low income community members. The BOSS Property Management team conducts all property management functions, including rent collection, unit inspections, facility management, assistance with move in/move out, turning over vacant units, and interacting with property owners and management-related vendors and contractors.

For more information on BOSS Property Management, contact William Bounthon, Operations Manager,, 510-649-1930 x 1503.

Information Technology

BOSS strives to maintain high quality IT infrastructure that supports uninterrupted program operation and service delivery, internal/external communications, record keeping and reporting, and connectivity for participants.

For more information on BOSS Information Technology, contact Gina Tomlinson, IT Manager,, 510-649-1930 x 1505.