a group marching down a city street holding signs and a banner that reads; "House Keys Not Handcuffs!"

Homeless Bill of Rights

The Campaign Continues

In 2013, the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) was the lead sponsor of the Homeless Person’s Bill of Rights and Fairness Act (AB5) that was introduced by California Assembly member Tom Ammiano in December 2012. Along with our cosponsors – Western Center on Law and Poverty, East Bay Community Law Center and JERICHO: A Voice for Justice – it was endorsed by over 108 local, state-wide and national organizations, including BOSS, who advocated for its passage and helped to raise awareness at the local and state levels.

On April 23, the Homeless Bill of Rights passed through the Assembly Judiciary Committee in Sacramento with 7 yes votes. It was then placed on suspense in the Appropriations Committee where it was killed without a vote.

WRAP and its partners are working to reintroduce the bill with a new number, and will continue to fight for its passage. The campaign seeks to protect homeless people’s basic rights and prohibit the enforcement of local laws that violate these rights:

  1. Right to move freely, rest, sleep, & pray and be protected in public spaces
    without discrimination.
  2. Right to occupy a legally parked vehicle.
  3. Right to share food and eat in public.
  4. Right to legal counsel if being prosecuted.
  5. Right to 24-hour access to “hygiene facilities.”
  6. Require judges to consider necessity defense in homeless related cases.

WRAP has all recent news on the campaign and a campaign manual available on its website: https://wraphome.org/?p=3638&option=com_wordpress&Itemid=119

To get more involved in this campaign, contact the Western Regional Advocacy Project (WRAP) at (415) 621-2533 or wrap@wraphome.org. Or contact Gwen at the BOSS Community Organizing Team (COT) at (510) 649-1930 x 223.