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SALARY $50k/year

The mission of BOSS is to help homeless, poor, and disabled people achieve health and self-sufficiency, and to fight against the root causes of poverty and homelessness. BOSS develops solutions to mass homelessness, mass incarceration and community violence and is dedicated to the inclusion and habilitation of people marginalized by addiction, trauma, criminality, incarceration, poverty, racism, sexism, homelessness and violence. Our goal is to reduce poverty, inner-communal violence, incarceration and recidivism with tangible results that transforms the intergenerational landscape in underserved and under-resourced neighborhoods and with individuals impacted by multi-generational poverty, trauma and racism.


Job Responsibilities:

The Job Developer develops and monitors assessments of individuals’ employability dimensions to determine suitability for employment and make appropriate placements both internally and externally to support participants’ successful service plan completion. The Job Developer will develop and maintain a job bank while building relationships businesses and industries; providing individual employment counseling, resume writing, job search skills, and eventual job placement.

  • Motivate participants to set employment/educational goals and provide the support and guidance to achieve those goals in a timely manner
  • Provide individualized employment processes to meet program goals during milestone outcome deadlines by connecting participants to employment opportunities, and/or job training programs.
  • Responsible for collecting necessary process and outcome documentation
  • Assist in classroom activities focusing on writing resumes and cover letters, interviewingtechniques, and filling out job applications
  • Follow up with participants to ensure they have support and guidance to retain jobs andcomplete training programs


To be considered for the Job Developer position, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Social Sciences or Business Administration or Public Policy
  • 2-5 years’ experience dealing with individuals and facilitating groups of hard to employparticipants facing multiple barriers to employment
  • Solid knowledge of the Alameda and Bay Area County labor market, workplace practices, jobsearch strategies and techniques with the objective of job placement and retention strategies

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