HealingVoices Documentary Event in Oakland Focuses on Mental Health

SOLD OUT – For more information or other screening dates, visit healingvoicesmovie.com.

BOSS is proud to support and announce the Bay Area screening of HEALINGVOICES at 7:00p.m., on Thursday, January 26th at The Piedmont Theatre in Oakland. This essential documentary is the work of several years following three individuals, Oryx, Jen, and Dan, who have been diagnosed with a mental disorder. We follow their lives through the highs and lows of their diagnosis, the medication cocktails, the hospitals, and the road of self discovery and understanding.

Mental Health by the numbers: According to the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) nearly 20% of Americans will report a mental illness and nearly 10% of Americans will report a major depressive episode in any given year. Anxiety disorders are reported in nearly 30%, and Bipolar disorder is reported at nearly 4% of Americans in any given year. Suicide rates are on the rise going from 10.5% in 1999 raising to 13% in 2014, and 9.4 million individuals reported having suicidal thoughts in 2014. Additionally, according to Harvard Magazine, “an estimated 22 million Americans currently take psychotropic medications—most for relatively mild conditions.” With these types of numbers, not to mention the dollar amounts associated with prescription medications, it feels like we should be reviewing our systems of support.

After years of being told she was broken and that her condition was an “incurable illness”, Jen, along with others she knew, inadvertently hit upon an answer. They started a self-supportive support group — an idea similar to AA or NA. They gathered together, shared stories, resources, emotional support, fellowship, and strength to realize that they weren’t “incurable” they just didnt fit into the

Jen discovered that this sort of fellowship had been happening all over the country in basements, and kitchens, and living rooms for many years and that there was this movement for so-called “consumer driven services.” This meant that their small South Dakota group was able to connect, not just with one-another, but also with this already happening collective of groups across the country!

Jen no longer feels “broken” but believes in a mind/body/spirit connection and what we commonly refer to as “mental illness” is really just discord between that connection and it manifests in behavior. Society has a very narrow definition of what is deemed acceptable behavior, and persons who act outside of that definition are labeled “dysfunctional.”

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