Earn It, Keep It, Save It: Helping the Bay Area Do Taxes

Get Free Help Filing Your Taxes!

Earn It, Keep It, Save It is a program spearheaded by The United Way, in partnership with over 250 other organizations such as Bank of America and Walmart to help San Francisco Bay Area residents with tax preparation and submission! If you earned less than $62,000 in 2015, you qualify for free online tax filing! If you need one-on-one assistance, you can get that too for free or at a seriously reduced price! According to their website, tax preparation can cost between $200 and $300 and for people in the San Francisco Bay Area, that cost is often too high. Earn It, Keep It, Save It could be the answer. So, whether you are thinking about you, a friend or family member this could be the solution!

There are dozens of locations all over Alameda County and the San Francisco Bay Area! Berkeley locations include the Cooperative Center Credit Union, the West Berkeley Library and others. Oakland locations include the Oakland Main Library, the Goodwill on 30th Avenue and many others

Appointments are limited, so if you need assistance, schedule an appointment as early as possible.