Financial Literacy Volunteers at CTEC

The BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) provides education, training, and comprehensive employment assistance to individuals looking for work but face high barriers like former incarceration, criminal justice involvement, homelessness, or disabilities.

CTEC has many wonderful community partners who provide opportunities for on-the-job training, hire our participants, mentor, table at on-site job fairs, and teach classes – such as recent volunteers from Farmer’s Insurance.

Here is their story, shared by Farmer’s Insurance Agent Oona Joseph:

“I first learned about BOSS from one of the employees (at CTEC), Earl McLeod. He is my client and referred me to Mr. Clyde Lewis who works in their office on San Pablo in Oakland, as he felt what we did is positive and could benefit to CTEC participants.

My colleague Hasani and I started volunteering in September. I am a strong believer in giving back to my community. Truly, most people have never been given a first much less a second chance at life. If I can share my knowledge with people so that it can add to their lives or create some form of positive change, then I have done my job.

My favorite thing is sharing information with people that everyone should know, and seeing the smiles on their faces. Many people are not taught the basics of finance, which I believe should be taught at a young age so they can make responsible and more informed decisions.

Farmers is a World Financial Group and our company was founded by real people for the needs of real people. Even though we’re a for-profit organization, this is not the approach we take when helping families. We take an educational approach to finances and ensure that people are a part of the decision-making process.” 

Thank you so much, Oona and Hasani, for sharing your knowledge with BOSS participants, and being part of changing people’s lives!

To learn more about CTEC and second chance hiring, contact Clyde Lewis, BOSS Director of Workforce Development, at

To learn about other volunteer opportunities in BOSS, contact Sonja Fitz, BOSS Director of Development & Marketing, at