Employee Spotlight: Ms. Leana Barrett

Some people have a depth to them that is hard to see, others it is plain as day. Ms. Leana is the latter. She came to BOSS through her personal desire to volunteer and be a caretaker for the community, though BOSS was not the first and only place she volunteered.

Many people volunteer, but few do so when they are a full-time student. Ms. Leana did just that while she attended Chabot College and Cal State East Bay. Fewer still find the time to serve their community while also working full-time and being a parent. Ms. Leana did that as well. She did not, however, stop when she began working for BOSS. Even today she is a shepherdess for the South County Homeless Project and also a Foster Parent, which is a true calling. Even with all this, she continues to be an inspiration by also working part time for a program in Alameda County teaching life skills to foster kids in high school.

Ms. Leana may be a transplant to the East Bay, but she has been instrumental in shaping her adopted community. This month she celebrates 20 years working for BOSS, and we are so grateful to her for all her dedication and the respect with with she treats every living soul she encounters. Thank You, Ms. Leana for all you do for BOSS and our community.