Employee Spotlight: Junea Lewis

Born and raised in the Bay Area, Junea Lewis joined the BOSS Benefits Team in April 2013. Although she was immediately tasked with taking over a full caseload, Junea came through with grace from day one. Since then, she became the backbone of the program and a leader to her co-workers. Junea graciously shares her expertise in many public resources including housing, GA, SSI/SSDI, and Medi-Cal.
One co-worker praised Junea’s patience and said, “She is the calm in the middle of the storm. She is extremely helpful and resourceful.” Another team member added, “I appreciate Junea’s confidence, like the way she calls Social Security and doesn’t take no for an answer! She also has great problem-solving skills to find solutions on the spot. She’s caring about her co-workers and checks up on us while we’re working in the community to reassure us that we’re doing a good job.”
Asked about what she enjoys about her job, Junea said, “I enjoy working and supporting people meet to their needs, like helping them obtain income to finding reasonable housing.” Describing the challenges she has faced, she said “the lack of resources make it difficult at times to meet their needs and make sure that people are receiving the adequate medical service to maintain their health.” Junea’s favorite experience on the job is constantly networking with new people and with other professionals to the homeless population.
Shy at times, Junea’s sense of humor is as big as her heart once you get her talking. As a parent in school with a full-time job, Junea is often seen multi-tasking. It’s typical for her to be seen re-fueling in line at the coffee shop while offering a listening ear to someone on her Bluetooth. Somehow she manages to charm those baristas into giving away their drinks for free, too!
After work hours, Junea spends her time dancing, raising Sydney-Gianna (5), finishing her undergraduate degree in Human Services, and planning her next trip to Jamaica.
We thank Junea for all she has done for her team and community and look forward to Junea’s continued leadership development with BEST.