Employed For The Holidays – Perseverance Pay Off!

“I’ve always been intimidated by computers of any kind,” says BOSS former IPS participant Arthur Brooks. “I just couldn’t understand how to use them, but this time, I really wanted to work for the holidays, so I decided to give it my best shot and I realized that all I needed to do was practice simple things every day.”

Arthur has been retired from the United States Army since 1986 and has done odd jobs here and there and has worked primarily as a handyman. He enjoys customer service and retail jobs and working with the public but finds that most of the positions he wants requires some kind of computer literacy. Whether it’s a cash register or having to log in information into a data system, knowing technology of some kind is required.

Building Opportunities for Self-Sufficiency (BOSS) IPS Employment Specialist Jackie Anderson states that, “Arthur actually enjoys learning basic computer skills, when he’s taught in a setting that is not rigid and is allowed to learn at his own pace, it’s actually fun for him.”

We decided that for some of the training sessions we would only focus on logging into his email, writing a short note to himself and then printing it out and also only focusing on creating on-line work profiles for practice. This took away the intimidation and pressure around learning how to use the computer. Arthur felt that he had to take a full computer course in order to simply understand basic functions.

Arthur really wanted to work for this holiday season and decided to apply for UPS as a loader/unloader. The position requires quite a bit of physical lifting, constant movement and standing for his entire shift 5 days a week. This didn’t detour Arthur. With support, patience and encouragement, he was able to complete his on-line application successfully, one step at a time. At times it was frustrating but he stuck with it and as a result Arthur landed his first interview, second interview and then hired.

Arthur is currently completely his paid training and is well on his way to a very happy holiday season. His job with UPS is a permanent position, with health benefits, education benefits, perks and bonuses. Says Jackie, “What a privilege and a joy it is to not only work with Arthur, but to also witness him achieve his goal.”