East Bay Gives, May 3rd!

You may have heard of Giving Tuesday, but have you heard of East Bay Gives? It’s is a similar concept to Giving Tuesday, only on a smaller, and very local, scale!

An initiative of the East Bay Community Foundation, East Bay Gives started in 2014. Their goal? To create a small community of local nonprofits who would help raise awareness of local causes, generate buzz, and connect with donors – all while having fun!

The first Tuesday of May is set aside as a 24-hour online donation extravaganza: Every donation of $20 or more will be entered into hourly drawings for money and prizes for BOSS!

All proceeds from the May 3rd East Bay Gives Day of Giving will benefit the BOSS Rising Stars Youth Leadership Scholarship Fund!
Every year BOSS works in concert with Berkeley High SchoolBerkeley Technology Academy, and Berkeley Youth Alternatives to identify 20 youths who are succeeding in school despite difficulties in their home-lives, such as homelessness, mental health, addiction, immigration status, as well as many other hardships. These are students who are rarely recognized and yet they go above and beyond in caring for themselves and their families. They truly are Rising Stars!

This is only the 3rd year for East Bay Gives, and in that short time they have ballooned from 140 nonprofits in 2014 to 360 organizations in 2015. They garnered $200,000 in donations from nearly 1,000 donors in 2014 and $649,000 from 4,680 donors in 2015!

BOSS is signed up to participate this year, so look out for announcements, reminders, and pushes for the 2016 East Bay Gives event on Tuesday, May 3rd!