BOSS’s shelter, housing, and support service programs provide meals, amenities, housing and job services, community activities, and a host of life-changing support. This work is only possible with the support of funders and individual community members who donate, volunteer, and support our work!

Some of our supporters wrote short notes on their donation cards, explaining how they came to know BOSS, and why they give. Thank you to all of you, and all of our supporters and partners!

“When I first met Phyllis (former BOSS staff), I had been a client in Alameda County’s Mental Health System for about six years.  With the help of a wonderful therapist and staff at Gladman Day Treatment Center, I recovered. I returned to school and to work.  Phyllis later hired me to work for BOSS as a Nurse Educator. I went on to obtain an MS in psych nursing. BOSS gave me the opportunity to prove I could still contribute to my community. Thank you!” (- Beth Gray)

“BOSS is doing important work in the community. I first learned of BOSS when contracting with them in the City of Berkeley Department of Public Works.”

“I see BOSS’s work at the front lines, doing the hard work needed to directly address root causes of poverty and homelessness. I’m confident that BOSS is interrupting negative cycles to create sustainable solutions and long-term change in some of the most vulnerable East Bay communities.” (Andrea Spillmann, BOSS Board Member)

“I was a registered nurse and have helped people all through my life. In the last two years I have donated goods and money to fire survivors by driving van loads of needed items to families and individuals to help them get on their feet – many of them home- and job-less. We CAN help, and do it as long as we find ways to continue. Thank you for all you do!!”

“I’ve donated to BOSS for over 30 years, the people they serve have so few places to turn, and BOSS always offers solace, comfort, and helpful resources.”

“Helping one person in this world feel good about themselves is a miracle worth investing in.”

Wishing all of our community a safe, warm, healthy and joyful holiday season and new year!

Donations to BOSS of any size help changes lives – click here to donate!