Dig Deep Farms is among the increasing number of urban farming organizations creating vibrant communities that helps educate and support small-scale farming and permaculture systems in the Bay Area. BOSS recently worked with Dig Deep Farms to place a CTEC participant who is interested in being part of the urban food movement!

Phillip Bonds, 46, a Bay Area native currently residing at BOSS Hope Reentry Campus in East Oakland and a participant at CTEC, toils in the 8 acres of garden and farm land owned by Alameda County. Mr. Bonds was connected to Dig Deep Farms through BOSS CTEC transitional work program.

CTEC has supported Mr. Bonds with subsidized employment to support his occupational growth in permaculture and urban food cultivation. The training at Dig Deep Farms is helping him build a career in urban gardening, landscaping and commercial food reclamation, in which Mr. Bonds has expressed strong interest.

“Our society has to move away from consumer agriculture, we have to re-learn how to work with the environment, use nature to to work with nature and learn how to be mindful of the soil.”

After his six week training, Mr. Bonds aspires to become an influencer in the environmental justice movement. He hopes to bring awareness in keeping our planet clean, safe, sustainable and healthy for the next generation.

“When I’m here I can feel the energy, BOSS creates BOSS’s, like iron sharpens iron so I know BOSS will put me in a place where I can grow, inspire and I too can become an iron sharpener.”

Dig Deep Farms was founded in 2010 by residents of Ashland and Cherryland in partnership with ACDSAL (alameda county deputy sheriffs activities league) and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Their mission is to improve health and well-being in the Eden Area by creating jobs and making fresh, locally grown food accessible to all.

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