A Different Ending to Rough Beginnings

Daniel Luckadue is originally from Richmond, and has lived all over the Bay Area. He attended El Cerrito High School, but did not graduate. He was recently released from jail, and came to BOSS determined to change his life, and to think of new ways of doing things.

He referred to himself as struggling, and seeking a higher calling in life. He described being raised in a rough neighborhood, and how he didn’t have anyone to go to for support – it’s been just himself. His father was absent and mother was a victim of substance abuse addition (crack). At the age of 18, after being released, he lived for a time in shelters. Today, he just wants to be around positive people.

He first learned about BOSS because his roommate was a participant and said that CTEC was helpful for job support and employment. This was reinforced by another acquaintance, who also encouraged him to enroll at CTEC.

“My life has been impacted by the staff here,” says Daniel. “By all staff, who have been majorly in my corner. It’s been extraordinary.”

CTEC pop up event in East Oakland

Once in CTEC, Daniel attended every day. He saw a posting on the board from a staffing agency in Eastmont, so he went to an on-site hiring event held by Volt. He passed two tests for employment at Tesla, and now has a possible job opportunity there. He also landed an interview at Aerotech in Alameda, about a job helping to build a preschool in Alameda. His long-term goal is finish High School, and then graduate from college. Ultimately, he wants to create more youth shelters and have more positive activities for youth.

“Too many youth are doing bad,” he says, “They have to wait on shelters. There’s not enough room and so many on the waiting list. So youth go to the streets and live on streets.” His youth shelter would be called Positive Youth Connection.

He credits BOSS staff with helping him sustain his drive – “CTEC staff show love and concern for their clients,” Daniel says. It makes him feel like he’s wanted – it’s a family setting, and a family vibe that inspires him to come back.

During this interview, Daniel received a call back from the Port of Oakland for a third job opportunity!

His advice to other CTEC participants is to “KEEP FAITH, keep hope, keep determination. Never give up! Eyes on the prize. Stay true and dedicated to self!”

It hasn’t been easy for Daniel, but he never gave up. “You gotta be strong to get yourself out of your situation,” he says. Strength is something Daniel has in abundance, and we know he will succeed. We are proud to be part of his journey!

If your company has training or job opportunities and is willing to hire people with records who are working hard to turn their life around, contact Clyde Lewis at clewis@self-sufficiency.org or 510.419.0669.

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