CTEC Family Day!

Supporting Our Families With Love & Fun!

On Saturday June 27th, the BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) held a very special Family Day for parents who are participating in CTEC and their children, to show these families we love and support them, and want them to succeed!

CTEC provides comprehensive employment services to help low income job seekers prepare for and secure living wage employment. Participants include homeless, formerly incarcerated, and disabled individuals who are striving to return to the workforce, and to housing and stability in the community. CTEC provides employment assessments, GED/education counseling, referrals to training including an on-the-job training component within BOSS (facility management and food services), a computer lab, resume development, job search assistance, job placements, and follow up.

A key part of CTEC’s success is the partnerships that staff continue to develop with local employers, who provide internships and jobs to our participants – such as St. Vincent de Paul, Adock Joyner Apartments, and Crossfire Pest Control. These businesses are part of the solution – please visit and support them!

At the 1st CTEC Family Day, children received special gift bags from Pandora  and local individual donors, did arts and crafts, enjoyed snacks and drinks, and listened to stories told by former teacher, Sacul L’Adnbre. Parents helped with the activities and played with their kids.

“The creative energy from the children was very rewarding to see,” said Job Developer McKinley Williams. “Watching the children participate with the parents during the arts and crafts hour was the highlight of the afternoon.”

To provide training or jobs to CTEC participants or get more information about the program, contact Eunice Feathers, BOSS Workforce Development Coordinator, at (510) 419-0669 or efeathers@self-sufficiency.org.