CTEC Employer Partner: UPS

Since 2014 the BOSS Career Training & Employment Center (CTEC) has been working to bring job seekers and employers together for the benefit for both. Crucial to this process is the relationship between the CTEC program and local businesses. One of our most successful partnerships is with UPS. BOSS is thrilled to be working with UPS for lots of reasons – they are local, they offer positions all over the US, and they have been rated 4 out of 5 stars for company culture and employee benefits on Indeed.

Our partnership with UPS began in 2016 and, according to Heather Hubbard, Human Resources Supervisor, this partnership has been,”very advantageous for both organizations.” When CTEC began hosting monthly job fairs UPS was excited to attend.

UPS is a powerhouse of employment with nearly half a million employees across the United States and is therefore usually looking to recruit new talent.

Ms. Hubbard has attended several of our job fairs and conducts on the spot interviews. She has even hired several people from these events including Earl (pictured above with Ms. Hubbard) who was hired in May and has already been promoted to a part-time Supervisor!

We asked Ms. Hubbard for her thoughts and suggestions on interviewing, job seeking, and moving forward from a difficult past, this is what she shared:

“The interview environment is changing,” she said. It is no longer an interrogation with canned answers requiring canned responses. These days, “An interview is a conversation. Be open!” She says that she has seen a lot of applicants who come in thinking that an employer has preconceived notions about them or their past, or think of applicants in a certain way. Don’t let that stop you! “An employer wants to see you be you. They want to see your personality”, so, “bring your personality. Don’t be afraid just because you had some things in your past. We all go through hardships in our lives. Highlight your positive attributes.” A lot of the interview is to see if an applicant can do the job, but also to see if their personality will fit in the company’s culture. A new employee is, says Heather, “the future of the company.”

“I am just so grateful to come into BOSS and recruit. We all need a second chance, or for some, just that first chance!”

BOSS is so grateful to UPS, Ms. Hubbard, and the dozens of other local employers who are actively Turning Lives Around by bringing more than just a job, but careers to our community!

If you are an employer looking to partner with the BOSS CTEC program, or a job seeker looking for real job placement assistance, please contact our CTEC Program.