Excellence in Behavior & Ethics

  • Commitment to social, economic, and political justice
  • Dedication to non-violence and active compassion
  • Respect for diverse individuals, viewpoints, and experiences
  • Consistent courtesy and helpfulness in all interactions
  • Commitment to professional and personal boundaries
  • Broad participation in all decision-making and action
  • Live and model our values

Excellence in Service Delivery

  • High level of satisfaction by service participants
  • Maximum service accessibility and ease of use
  • Clear communication of what we services can and cannot provide
  • Consistent achievement of service-oriented goals and outcomes
  • Comprehensive service delivery in response to broad scope of needs
  • Complete, up-to-date, and accessible service records

Excellence in Systems

  • nternal/external transparency of our methodology and outcomes
  • Cost-effective use of all resources
  • Continual assessment to ensure program relevance and responsiveness
  • Careful hiring, training, and supervision of staff as the conduits of our mission

Excellence in Leadership

  • Commitment to participant and staff empowerment
  • Commitment to collaboration and partnerships
  • Actively learning from all who cross our path
  • Generously teaching what we know to others