Pictured above: Art and Beverly from Merritt College talking with CTEC particpants about cyber-security certification progrm

The BOSS Career Training and Employment Center (CTEC) assists system-impacted people with job placement and retention. Many of our participants are formerly incarcerated, homeless and/or low-income. One of the services we offer is a long-term career planning program called Career Pathways. Career Pathways assists participants who are interested in solidifying a job skill that will ensure them to a lifelong career. CTEC partners with the Peralta Community College system in getting participants enrolled in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs the colleges offer.

Many representatives from the Peralta Colleges such as Merritt and Laney College have came to speak to our participants on the many programs they offer. Recently, CTEC invited Merritt College’s cybersecurity program and a cyber-security employer to speak on the training and career field of cyber-security. One of the programs that CTEC partners with at Peralta is “Restoring Our Communities”, a Laney College program that assists students who are formerly incarcerated with resources and educational assistance.

Ying from Laney College sharing educational resources and information with CTEC participants

Career Pathways enrolls on average of six participants a week in education programs in the Peralta Colleges. We assist with college enrollment, financial aid applying, grant/scholarship search, guiding to a college counselor, on-campus connections, and retention. The popular programs among participants include: carpentry, cyber-security, automotive technology, plumbing, culinary arts, marketing, and counseling/substance abuse. Although Certified Technical Education (CTE) programs are the most popular amongst participants, many are enrolling in college to study majors such as sociology, psychology, and African-American studies in hopes of transfering to a 4-year university.

TO LEARN MORE ABOUT CAREER PATHWAYS,please contact Charlette Viney, 510-419-0669 ext. 1608 or email her at cviney@self-sufficiency.org.