Business Ideas for BOSS?

Calling Your Great Ideas!

Developing A BOSS Social Enterprise

What do you think a great business would be for BOSS to develop?

Social enterprise businesses run by nonprofits can create exciting dual benefits – training and job opportunities for the people served by the nonprofit, and revenue to support the organization’s programs. Successful enterprises we all know well include Rubicon Bakery and Delancey Street. BOSS also operated a business enterprise in the late 1990s (property renovations/vacant apartment turnover) which we voluntarily closed since despite successfully training and employing a handful of people, the level of job creation was not where we wanted it to be.

Today BOSS is ready and eager to launch back into this arena. Some of the options we are investigating are catering, printing, janitorial services, hosting trainings for other nonprofits, and producing a salable item. BOSS has a strong and still-growing workforce development program (our Career Training and Employment Center/CTEC), a successful large-scale Food Services Program, an efficient Property Management component, multiple facilities, extensive support from funders, donors, and volunteers, and a wealth of skills and knowledge among Board, staff, and community partners. We want to draw on these assets to create a BOSS business enterprise – and we would love your ideas!

Please share any suggestions or feedback with BOSS Executive Director, Donald Frazier, at

Thank you!