Building Lives is Mending Fences

Turning Lives Around is All About Mending Fences

Turning Lives Around is all about mending fences. Few people are as good at this as the BOSS Maintenance department.

The BOSS Rosa Parks Transitional Housing program in the heart of Oakland is located in a beautiful, old building in an equally old neighborhood. The fence between the Rosa Parks program and the neighboring home was also really old and in a sad state. That is when BOSS started “building fences,” figuratively and literally. We approached our lovely neighbors and started talking about how we can come together and find a solution that benefits all parties.

It was decided that the neighbor would supply the materials, and BOSS would supply the muscle.

BOSS Maintenance personnel, Mike and Robert, tore down that old, rickety fence and began placing new, steel supports into cement, then hung the slats.

Mike is a former resident of BOSS and has been working for BOSS since 2008, Robert since early 2015. Both are important members of the BOSS family and go a long way in helping us mend fences.

This new fence will be around, and will remain beautiful for a very long time.