BOSS Visionaries Documentary Preview!

We are excited and honored to share the mini documentary about BOSS produced by the PBS series, The Visionaries! This documentary is made possible with the support of donors from our community (list video video link). It will air sometime in the next few months nationwide on PBS, but the filmmaker, Jody Santos, shared the rough cut with us so we can share it with our community.

We are also planning a special viewing & donor thank you party in March – stay tuned for details!


Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to all of our BOSS Visionaries campaign donors (alphabetized by first name):

Amber McIntosh
Ashley Mareld
Bethany Dye
Brent Shea
Carolyn Cavalier
Chris C
Claire Sherman
Cynthia Miller
Debra Matityahu
Devon Ratoosh
Di Lamont
Diane Rames
Donald Frazier
Eric Schwebach
Jean Fitz
Jeremy Bunch
Joanne Yeh
Joe Dung
Joel Flood
Julie Zhu
Kari Shaw
Kristie-Anne Padron
Levi Preston
Manish Ghosh
Marlon McWilson
Marsha O’Bannon
Martha Winnacker
Mary Ellen McKey
Melanie Songsteng
Michele Dye
Phillip Bonacich
Quang Ton
Rachel Tau
Rob Kay
Sonja Fitz
Stacie Dutton
Suzanne & Bill McLean
Tabassum Rahmani
Teresa Williams
Toria Ray-Larkin
Troy Dye
William White
Winston Burton
Yiannis Callos
Yvonne McFall

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The Bronx Fund