BOSS Executive Director Donald Frazier received a call over the weekend about the release of hundreds of individuals from Santa Rita Jail, and asked if BOSS could be there to offer resources. Mr. Frazier dispatched BOSS Reentry staff to Santa Rita Jail to welcome an initial group of people being released, 25 individuals on Monday April 13th. We received another call today that 40 more individuals will be released shortly.

BOSS is working alongside other service providers to meet this urgent need. We are meeting each released inmate with critical assistance resources, to support successful reintegration and prevent recidivism:

  • Trac phones (so we can remain in contact with them)
  • PPE package (mask, gloves and sanitizer)
  • Hotel Vouchers (BOSS partnering agency, All Of Us Or None, reserved hotel rooms for the folks being released until adequate housing is identified)
  • BOSS Services Packet (Employment, Barrier Removal, Peer Support, Housing)

To increase bed capacity, BOSS has identified and entered into a letter of intent to master lease several properties in the City of Oakland with the intent to provide emergency housing and comprehensive supportive services for our unhoused neighbors and individuals being released from jail or prison who reside in Oakland. The properties are as follows:

1520 East 15th Street, Oakland, CA
(Projected May 2020 activation) 
12 bedrooms on the second floor, 11 of which are between 100-150 SF and include sink and a closet. The 12th bedroom is a bit bigger maybe close to 200 SF and has a bathroom included. Communal bathrooms/showers on the 2nd floor.

2327 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA
(Projected May 2020 activation)
22 SRO units on the second floor. The first floor will have a full service kitchen, dining area, staff offices, computer lab/business center and lounge area.

2551 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland CA
(Projected June 2020 activation)
Three story newly renovated building with elevator installed. Either 36 three bedroom and 2  two bedrooms totaling 38 units,  or 112 bedrooms with the idea to have shared living in each unit (personal bedroom and shared common living room area, restrooms, refrigerator and microwave oven). The first floor will have a full service commercial kitchen, dining area, recreation area, 10 medical respite beds, medical exam office, supportive services will include employment, education, housing supports and navigation, benefits eligibility and other social services, staff offices.

Emergency Shelter or Navigation Center
(Projected June 2020 activation)
BOSS is positioned to acquire through a master lease for a 20,000 SF site in Lower Bottoms on 5th Street in West Oakland with capacity of 75+ beds. This site can serve as an emergency shelter or navigation center.


For more information or to partner on any of these projects, please contact BOSS Executive Director Donald Frazier at 510.649.1930 x 1012 or

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