entrance to YMCA at 2001 Allston Way

BOSS Partners with Local YMCA

On Friday August 8th, BOSS families had their first opportunity to take advantage of a new partnership between BOSS and the Downtown Berkeley YMCA. We had nearly 20 staff and residents from Ursula Sherman Village attend a free evening of activity for families!

BOSS is blessed to have so many community partners that work to empower our community. One such organization is the YMCA. The Downtown Berkeley YMCA has partnered with us to allow our residents at The Village to use their facilities from 6pm until closing on the second Friday of every month!

On Friday August 8th, families had their first opportunity to take advantage of this partnership. Between families and staff we had nearly 20 people from the Village show up to the Downtown Berkeley YMCA.

For several hours, we were able to utilize all services available at the YMCA. For parents and small children there was the small child play room on the first floor, the big kid play room on the third floor, and the kid’s arts & crafts room on the second floor. There were pools and swimming options too! Grace’s Pool was a free swim area for all ages, the Shallow Pool was for younger children who can’t swim or are afraid of the deeper pool, as well as the Lap Pool, which is strictly for adults. Adults can also take advantage of the free weights, the stretch and yoga studio, as well as the treadmills, ellipticals, and stationary bikes.

Everyone had a blast—and can’t wait to come back next month! All the families in BOSS shelter and housing are able to take advantage of this great opportunity. Thank you, YMCA for this generous contribution to homeless families—it is a healthy, fun, positive way to spend some time together not worried about all the difficulties they are going through!