Rosa Parks Provides Housing for Persons With AIDS

BOSS has a long history of providing housing and services to homeless and low income people with HIV/AIDS, including providing on-site services at housing programs operated by local developers and providing HIV/AIDS education on-site in our shelters. Most recently, BOSS entered into a funding partnership to provide 6 apartments in our Rosa Parks transitional housing program to people with HIV/AIDS!

This is not the only change going on in our Rosa Parks Transitional Housing program. By January 2017 we are converting this building into permanent, supportive housing! Stay tuned for more on that as we get closer to that program conversion!

Our goal is to refer individuals who meet the eligibility of the Home Stretch High Service Need List managed by Alameda County Behavioral Health Care Services. According to the funding, participants must be:

  • Chronically Homeless (12 months in the last 3 years) and
  • HIV Positive or diagnosed with AIDS

All HOPWA tenants need to be approved by Alameda County BHCS. Individuals who meet the criteria will be eligible for housing subsidies funded by the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA). Once the property converts to Permanent Supportive Housing all of the individuals approved through HOPWA will be permanently housed.

This is an important program that saves lives. BOSS is beyond thrilled to be able to begin offering these important services to the community!