BOSS On The Move!

IMG_20141119_112342Over the past couple of years, BOSS has begun to add auto transportation to its infrastructure capacity. Using allowable grant funds, BOSS now owns and maintains four vehicles that support operations and service delivery:

  • One truck is used by property and facility operations staff, to maintain BOSS programs across the County;
  • One truck is used to transport workers and equipment in the Clean City Program, a temporary street cleaning job program in partnership with the City of Berkeley Department of Public Works;
  • One van is used for City of Berkeley-funded mental health outreach on the streets of Berkeley, Albany, and Oakland; and
  • One multi-purpose van is used to transport participants on housing tours (to visit potential new housing), take them to doctor or service appointments, pick up donations, deliver food, and for emergencies.

BOSS maintains an authorized employee drivers list, ensuring that all drivers have valid licenses and insurance. Vehicles are maintained by Eric Zibbel, BOSS’s Property Operations Manager.

The small fleet of vehicles enhances our responsiveness to facility and participant needs, made it possible for BOSS to centralize (and reduce expenses for) its food services program, helps us do more donation pick-ups, and helps us connect participants with critical services in the community.

Watch for the BOSS fleet on the road—all vehicles have the BOSS logo and website on them!