BOSS launches monthly job fairs at CTEC!

img_1343OAKLAND, CA – At the Career Training & Employment Center (CTEC), BOSS staff work with individuals who are striving to overcome barriers to employment, so they can work to support themselves and their families, and give back to the community. A partnership with Alameda County Probation, La Familia, Five Keys Charter School, Peralta Community College District, and local employers, CTEC provides education, training, and comprehensive employment services to people coming out of incarceration, many of whom are also impacted by poverty, homelessness, family crises, domestic or community violence, illiteracy, and other challenges. In CTEC, they receive the love, support, and devoted assistance of men and women who want to see them succeed – who know that every one needs a helping hand at some point in their life, and that with that help, people can achieve their goals and exceed expectations!

Part of the work of CTEC is connecting with employers, to share the stories of BOSS participants, and the skills and experience they have to offer in the workplace – finding those special businesses who are ready and willing to give someone a fresh start while getting a great new employee. To support those connections, CTEC has started holding small monthly career fairs at its downtown offices, located a block from Oakland City Hall.

img_1362At the first one in October, half a dozen local businesses came and met with CTEC participants one by one at company tables. Dozens of people waited in line throughout the day for the opportunity to talk with a local employer, hear about available jobs, and present their experience, abilities, and readiness to work. At the end of the day, all participating employers came away with long lists of possible new employees, and a great in-person impression of those individuals and their commitment!

To participate in the next CTEC career fair or get more information, contact Joanna Martinez at 510.419.0669 or