BOSS Kitchen of Champions Graduate!

L-R: Michelle Byrd, Director of Housing & Community Development, City of Oakland; Darnell Oliver; Rick Fortenberry, BOSS staff

Darnell Oliver is a 57 year old who had been sleeping in his car on the streets of Oakland, his home community, since 2016. In 2017 when he was staying in the winter shelter at St. Vincent de Paul, he started working with BOSS staff member Rick Fortenberry in the PATH Program.

Rick helped Darnell get signed up for Home Stretch, and he is now on several housing waiting lists and has worked hard to find housing, as well as to raise his income. Darnell is on Social Security, a fixed low income. He had been riding the 72 bus line all day until it was time to go into the shelter, not knowing where to turn for help. Once he started working with Rick, he worked hard to do whatever was required – all errands and tasks needed to prepare himself for housing.

“Darnell is trying very hard to better himself in all areas of his life,” says Rick.

As part of those efforts, Darnell recently enrolled in the St. Vincent de Paul Kitchen of Champions program, a food services job training program, as part of cohort #56, and he just completed the program.

Congratulations Darnell! We are very proud of the progress you have made and how hard you are working, and we are honored to be able to assist you. We wish all the best as you continue to seek affordable housing and work.

Find more information about Home Stretch here.

If you are homeless and looking for shelter or housing, please call or visit 211.