BOSS Facility Gets Make-over

USF Volunteers hard at work
USF Volunteers hard at work

Last year, Karon Fields, CEO of Rooms for Change, a very special nonprofit that provides beautiful, inspiring room makeovers for foster kids, met BOSS Executive Director, Donald Frazier at an event. After speaking with Donald, and learning about the families and adults we work with, Ms. Fields expressed a desire to get involved making over some of our facilities. She gathered a small group of volunteers to meet with the residents, learn their stories, raise funds for the beautification project, and to update the main room at the Rosa Parks House.

Said the volunteers, “The impact of our project is the change of perception we encountered learning from different stories and learning about the situation many of these individuals faced on the daily basis. We were also able to share awareness about these situations using different flat forms during our fundraising effort. This also allows room for other individuals who were not in our group to change their perception about homelessness, and were even motivated to donate.”

The residents were so appreciative, and the volunteers had so much fun that Ms. Fields approached us again to do more substantial work in the Rosa Parks community room. On Friday, April 15th, we had several volunteers for the USF School of Management come out and really make huge changes to the room with new furniture, decor, and a complete redesign of the space.
As you can see, she and her troop of volunteers did an amazing job on the space. We are sure that these changes will have a great impact on the happiness and inclusion of the residents at Rosa Parks.
BOSS is so appreciative to all the helping hands, the big ideas, and the open hearts that have helped to transform this space. Tonette said about the new design, “The residents love it!”
If you would like to see more pictures, we have them up on the BOSS Facebook and Flickr Pages!
“Because some of our experiences with homelessness from the past, and because of media depiction of homelessness – we saw homeless individuals in a bad light … We stereotyped these individuals without giving then the chance to tell their story. From this project, we learned to break this perception we had towards these homeless individuals and were even motivated to share awareness.”
This is Turning Lives Around!