BOSS Employee Inducted into R&B Hall of Fame

Lloyd Recording
Joe Pep Harris, Norman Whitfield, and Lloyd Williams

Lloyd Williams works for the BOSS Career Training & Employment Center (CTEC) as the Business Developer, going out into the community and finding employers to work with the CTEC. That is not, however, his only claim to fame. Perhaps you’ve heard of a small movie called Animal House? Maybe you remember the songs Shout and Shama Lama Ding Dong? That is one of many awesome things that Lloyd Williams did before joining the BOSS Team in 1991.

Earlier this year The Undisputed Truth, a band that Lloyd had worked with in the 70’s, was inducted into the R&B Hall of Fame! And So Was Lloyd! It is so amazing to see a peer, a coworker, and a friend receive such prestigious honors.

The road to this point has not been easy, nor has it been in a straight line. His social work career has spanned over 30 years for BOSS as well as Los Angeles County and the Watts Labor Action Committee, where he was always safeguarded and guided undeserved and marginalized communities. Originally recruited by former BOSS employees Winston Burton (then Economic Development Director) and boona cheema (then Executive Director), he started his social work career with BOSS helping individuals and families displaced by the Loma Prieta earthquake find housing.

His music career is even longer and more twisty. He began singing in church when he was a young boy and continued through high school under the tutelage of Stanley McDonald, Jr. It is through his relationship with Mr. McDonald that Lloyd met Norman Whitfield at the age of 22 and began his recording career. Lloyd has worked with Damon Harris and Richard Streets of the Temptations, The Undisputed Truth, Jr Walker and the Allstars, and many many others!

Lloyd put his music career on the back burner, never quitting and never walking away, so that he could be a full-time dad to his daughter and devote his life to being a change-maker. He believes that “you can have your dreams and have a normal life,” and that his commitment to staying busy and being healthy, as well as the support of BOSS have helped him stay focused.

His work on Animal House was often uncredited and he fought a long battle with Universal (and its many subsidiaries) over rights and compensation for that work. He finally won that battle and because of that and the fact that his daughter is grown, he is now able to really dive back in to music.

Keep an eye out, this is not the last thing you will hear from Lloyd. He is currently working on a new studio album which will be released later this year. He is also thinking about writing a book and possibly a Reality TV show! He may also be inducted into the R& B Hall of Fame again, specifically for his work on the Animal House film.

Lloyd is truly an inspiration to us all. In the face of overwhelming odds, he did what was best for himself and his family, as well as his career. He faced down a multi-billion dollar, multi-national corporation for what he believed was right. Through patience, perseverance, and the support of his peers he was able to stand strong against an industry giant and see his way to success. He is fulfilling his life’s work of being a good dad, a good employee, a good community caretaker, and a good musician. We are so proud of all his dedication and hard work.

Thank you Lloyd, for showing us how to get it done!