The BOSS Community Benefits from Mitzvah

Ellen Newman and her grandson, Zev Miller approached our Food Services Manager, Craig Edelblut late last year with a proposal for Zev to provide home baked desserts to Harrison House on a regular schedule.

Zev is a very fortunate young man of 13 who is set to have his Bar Mitzvah this May. As part of this ancient and wonderful tradition, Zev is performing “mitzvahs” which are blessings to his and our community as part of the steps he takes to become a mature member of his community. He wanted to bake desserts for our participants at Harrison House as a mitzvah. He has, and will continue to do so twice a week through the Spring.
Craig said of this experience,”I want to express my person joy at having Zev’s mitzvah surround us with caring and compassion.” The community at Harrison House is very appreciative for this mitzvah. This participation from a generous member of our local community is precisely the kind of thing that makes BOSS special. This means so much to the BOSS community. We thank Zev and his grandmother Ellen for sharing their personal journey of family, and their connection to our participants at BOSS.
If you’re interested in volunteering at BOSS feel free to reach out to Sonja Fitz at either 510.649.1930 x 1008, or