by Edward Buchanan, LMFT

Recently BOSS restarted its clinical internship program, to host interns who are studying clinical social work and provide experience in a BOSS residential setting. At the same time, BOSS benefits from receiving their assistance with participants. The program is being led by BOSS staff therapist Edward Buchanan, who trains and supervises the interns.

“The program is maturating weekly and is going very well,” Ed says. “The clinical intern who is a part of this program is providing a high level of care to the participants she’s working with.”

Chanae Joyner-Canty is an MSW (Master of Social Work) intern from Walden University with a set graduation of May 2020. She has a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice and is a part of the Phi Alpha Tau Sigma Honor Society for Social Workers. Chanae has worked in the human/social service field since 2012 and firmly believes in empowering and strengthening communities. Chanae is also trained in Restorative Practices and believes that this approach is essential when working with individuals and families.

Chanae has been interning with BOSS since November 2019. She is passionate about providing mental health services through individual counseling and resources and referrals. BOSS has provided the opportunity for Chanae to engage with clients, to understand the barriers that participants are facing. She uses a strengths based approach to help them overcome said barriers. Chanae believes that participants require much access to quality care and advocates on their behalf to receive those services.

Chenae is providing her services at several BOSS sites:

  • South County Homeless Project: emergency shelter for the disabled in Hayward – 24 residents
  • Rosa Parks House: permanent supportive housing in downtown Oakland – 24 residents
  • Meekland House: permanent supportive housing for transition age youth in Hayward – 21 residents
  • Ursula Sherman Village: shelter/interim housing for both single adults and families with children in West Berkeley – 100 residents

BOSS shelter and housing programs receive public funding that covers shift workers, cooks, operations (facility) staff, and minimal case management staff. Having the support of interns provides valuable real world experience for new social workers, and also allows BOSS to provide more one-on-one time with a caring clinician for the people we work with.

Says Ed, “Many of the participants have noted how pleased they are with the quality of services she is providing for them.” 

Chanae says she has had an amazing experience with BOSS and hopes to continue to build positive relationships with participants and staff alike.

Thank you, both Chenae and Ed, for your dedication to this work, and providing caring support for homeless and disabled neighbors!

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